Exploring Activsoftware Inspire Edition

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Just recently I mentioned that Promethean had released the beta version of their IWB software, Activsoftware Inspire Edition. Like others, I’ve started to have a play around (Chris Betcher seems to be putting the software through its paces).  Here’s just a few things I’ve noticed that I like the look of:

Did someone give you a SMART Notebook file to view or use?  Whereas you had to previously resort to the SMART Notebook viewer, you can now import the notebook into a flipchart.

Some very common flipchart activities are now available as a quick menu selection, saving you finding the resources in the library to put them together.

Being a Year 1 teacher, I use the hundred chart fairly regularly in Mathematics lessons.  Once I choose “100 chart” from the menu, this dialog box appears for me to make my selection.

Finally, something I have been hanging out for.  Previously I’ve been frustrated, wondering why I can’t simply insert images, etc. in a similar way to Office documents (after all, it is pretty easy and straightforward).  Well now you can, with the Insert Media option.  Not only images, but sound, video and more.

Now it is really quick and easy to insert media files directly into a flipchart page.

I’m sure (in fact I know) there are many new features, but there were the first to grab my attention.  I look forward to using it some more.

New Promethean Software

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Promethean has made the announcement at the BETT 2009 show in London that a brand new version of their IWB software is now available for preview.

Called Activsoftware Inspire Edition, it can now be downloaded my registered users (it’s free) from Promethean Planet. It’s a huge download though (it’s still not 50% done on my computer yet), so those with download limits at home may want to wait to download it at school.  The download is a trial prior to the official release in March

Promethean reports that it is a complete rewrite of its former products, Activstudio (which we use) and Activprimary, so it will be interesting to see what it can do and how it improves on its predecessors.

Back at work… sort of

Made a visit back to work today to start sorting myself out (mentally, at least) for another year’s worth of teaching and learning (and all the admin that goes along with it).

The Year 2 team were in busy planning the way forward for this year with the children I taught last year.  I would have liked to have spent more time with them to tap into their ideas.

The principal was in too, busy planning for our Leadership Team meeting on Wednesday when we’ll start drawing last year’s evaluations and ideas into achieveable and realistic goals.

“You look well” I was told.  At least twice.  A point was made of saying it?

Did I not look well last year?  With the amount of energy last year demanded of me (my blogging being one thing that suffered), I would not be surprised if I didn’t.