Web 2.0 Stuff I’ve Used

Elsewhere, in reading my RSS feeds today, I found myself challenged to come up with my list of Web 2.0 tools that I have used, and would like to use in my teaching and learning.  The original post came from the blog of Doug Belshaw, and I do share a few of my favourites with him.

So, here goes… the Web 2.0 stuff I have (and would like to) use:

del.icio.us was probably one of the first Web 2.0 tools I used actively, as we introduced it into the school to replace the old library intranet pages of subject links.  Now everyone can contribute and share.  Brilliant.  Once I found that Mozilla had a del.icio.us extension with a sidebar, I loved it even more.

edublogs is another tool I enjoy using (duh, this is an edublog!).   The most successful learning use I’ve had so far is not my main class blog, but the reading group blogs through which students have regularly posted comments in response to text.  Never since we’ve started the blog have students tried to avoid writing the reading response.

I’m also interested in podcasting, and want to get it going in the classroom.  I’ve used Audacity to record podcasts (and music recordings – perhaps we can get it going in our school’s music room?) and posted the Learning 2.0 and Technoblog podcasts on Podbean.

Speaking of Learning 2.0, I’ve also used both wikispaces and pbwiki to make wikis.  One has been used in a classroom application, while Learning 2.0 has been for staff professional development.  Both are good tools.

I haven’t really used bubbl.us or Bubble-mind in the classroom because we have Inspiration, but if we didn’t, I’m sure we’d be on to those as well.

Then there are all the tools that I enjoy and/or use myself and want to get into the classroom, like Flickr, Google Reader, SlideShare, Scratch and YouTube (or TeacherTube, Google Video, etc.).  I was also alerted to VoiceThread today, which looks like a great product with amazing learning potential.

Well, if I really do get all of these into my classroom, I don’t think there’d be a moment in the day where we weren’t using Web 2.o tools.  I wonder how many I can integrate into rich learning next term?  Maybe I’ll get some more ideas at the CEC forum on Monday.

One thought on “Web 2.0 Stuff I’ve Used

  1. I fell over this site from del.icio.us and your clear interest in liturgy – but now I’m also fascinated by some of what you are writing as I am a secondary school chaplain with a growing interest in web 2.0. I run a I hope useful liturgy & spirituality site: http://www.liturgy.co.nz